Jan ‘Assasin‘ Pospíšil

Born: 20/7/1992
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 64 kg

Parkour is a way of life for me, which I began in 2007, it means freedom to me. That is why I include in my training many sports such as gymnastics (in which I am coach of III. Class), swimming, Buildering and bouldering. In addition, I also training a lot in nature and seeking alternative ways of moving, so thats why I am known throughout the parkour community. As well I am known for clean and fast style.

Since 2012, I am a member of Team In Motion, thanks to which I have participated in several trips abroad, where I trained together with many well-known traceurs like Gaëtan Bouillet, Matthias Mayer, Tim “Livewire” Shieff, Slava fifth, Abel Kocsis, Ryan Doyle or Stanislav “Stas” Lazdan.

Among other things, I also have extensive experience with filming and acting in commercials, music videos and movies. I think the most interesting of them was the main role in the film “Ani ve snu”. I also participated in and led many exhibitions and workshops in Czech as well as abroad.

Currently I teach parkour and gymnastics in city Louny for five years. The remaining time I devote to my own training and development of my own movement.



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