Pavel Cibulka

Born: 2/12/1991
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 70 kg

My name is Pavel Cibulka and I am a student of The College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA. I am 23 years old and out of training parkour I am interested in motor sports, dance and organization of sport and entertainment events.

As a stuntman, actor and stand-in I have experience shooting video clips, news reports for television stations or videos that we create to order. At the international parkour festival in Poland I and my team won the 2nd place. Im interested in parkour also as the theoretical part and I had the opportunity to speak about this sports discipline at several conferences.

In Latin – American dance I have a few successes from the competitions in category B I started dancing at the age of 12 and competed until I was 20 years old. Currently with dancing I have trained two years Muay Thai ( Thai boxing ) . Now I train martial arts only recreationally and for fun.

Personal experience with coaching and pedagogical leadership I know most of VŠTVS Palestra, where I finished my bachelor’s degree with a dissertation focused on parkour techniques and where I continue as a master’s degree. For the second year I am a lecturer in DDM Praha 3, where I lead parkour training for children aged 10 – 18 and under by In Motion, where twice a week we organize lessons for children from 10 years up to the adults in the gymnastics gym. I participated in a training program and study of pedagogy for free time educators .


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