Tomáš ‘Tomcany’ Dohnal

Born: 29/9/1992
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 82 kg

I’ve been doing parkour and free running since 2008. I did also practice kung fu, gymnastics and stunts. I’ve become a member of the In Motion team at 2012. Movement is my passion. I love adrenalin, speed and precision. I like to be creative and as one of few parkour guys I can jump in natural enviroment without any problem. During my career I participated on many projects, such as commercials (My store, Showpark), music videos (Alluxe, K2), short films, or extreme sports videos (Red Bull Ostrava, IM – Motivational Movie, Watchdogs Prague). I’ve been through countless exhibitions and workshops. I was invited as a coach to Poland and Slovakia.

Besides movement I also deal with audiovisual production. I am responsible for dozens of In Motion videos as a cinematographer and editor. I also directed In Motion – Motivational Movie and parkour series Freerun Stories on


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