Are you looking for an unusual and memorable show? Do you want to surprise and impress your guests? You are on the right place! Your guests will not forget our breathtaking exhibition.

Choose from the options we offer or we can even arrange show suited to your individual needs. We have several obstacles and constructions. Members of In Motion team will show you only the best they have learned during years of training. All of this is processed into action choreography, so your guests will not be bored for a moment.

Our clients: O2, NIKE, Wrangler, Lilly

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Our show in Czech & Slovak got talent.

Video Production

You have been already familiarized with the fact that we can do incredible jumps and stunts but did you know that you can find even awesome filmmakers who keeps up with modern trends in cinematography in our team?

Yes, it’s true! In Motion team has young  and talented directors and videographers who have years of experiance with action videos. Not only we jump as far as we want but we are able to capture it like no one else!

According to your specifications we will create a complete audio-visual work of the highest standard we can offer. It’s not coincidence EpictTV A.K.A. the world‘s largest server with extreme videos chose us for making a videos for their website.

Our clinets: NIKE, Jeff Roberts, EpicTV

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

A movie of our production.

Stunt Double

Is your project missing something wild or action? Are you looking for a stuntmen who are adaptable, capable and creative?

Members  of In Motion team practise parkour on global level and have extensive experience with operations in commercials, music videos or movies.  Action is our daily bread. More than once we managed to surprise our clients by our capabilities, chemistry and professionalism.

We have cooperated with: LIP Production, YEMI A.D., RB Production,  film Zejtra napořád (2014, Directed by Rudolf Havlík), film Ani ve snu! (2016, Directed by Petr Oukropec)

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Parkour Workshops

Do you want your clients or participants to try parkour and freerunning personally?  There is nothing easier than invite In Motion Academy to your event.

We would like to arrange a workshop suited to the needs of your event – whether it is collective comprehensive training for those who are interested or just freely accessible stand with instructors. We have our own set of constructions simulating classic urban environment so lack of training obstacles won’t be a problem for your guests.

In Motion team has conducted countless successful workshops and up to this point, participants only left happily and satisfied.

Our clients: NIKE, Lilly, Cirk La Putyka

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.